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Why is reading a crucial component of success in STEM? Language comprehension skills are fundamental to tackling any academic problem, including scientific and mathmatical ones. Find out more about how our reading program relates to STEM fields.


A future in STEM begins with a solid understanding of math concepts. Our expert tutors help empower kids to master the math skills they will need for science, engineering, and technology education. Learn more about our math program.


Discover our expertly crafted curriculum that helps students thrive and succeed in the classroom. All of our curriculum is Standards-based and aligned with the Georgia Standards of Excellence for math and reading. 

Student responses to “Why I love the tutoring center”

“The teachers are nice, funny, and understanding. They can help you with anything you don’t understand, and best of all [they] know how to make math fun!” – Temira

“It helps me with stuff I do not know.” – Zani

“It’s helping me strengthen my algebra skills. And if I do good, I get rewards.” – Kailee

“…because how friendly their teachers are and how they allow the students’ full academic ability to really show and if you really don’t know, then they work with you to find the answer.” – Gemma

“I love it because of the friendly environment.” – Jessica


Mission: Empower the next generation for success in education and life.

Some of the ways we accomplish our mission are:
Providing personalized, high-quality tutoring for all students, irrespective of background.
Making effective tutoring accessible to students from diverse demographics.
Offering widely accessible in-house reading and math tutoring to prevent any child from missing out.
Evolving beyond tutoring into a center focused on holistic development.
Empowering students with tools and knowledge for excellence in their educational journey and beyond.

Tutoring, catered to you!

Addressing Challenges: Acknowledging the difficulties in time and financial constraints for tutoring.

Customizing Solutions: Offering affordable math and reading tutoring tailored to each child’s specific needs.

Overcoming Concerns: Addressing worries about generic curriculum by providing personalized learning experiences.



Learn about our customized reading instruction for students in grades 3rd-8th grade.


Your student will gain a leg up with a firm math foundation.

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Our STEM NG2 tutoring services are provided in a comfortable environment so students can relax while they learn. When students have a stress-free learning environment, they retain knowledge easily. That, in turn, results in a confidence boost. Sign up today to start your child on their journey to academic success!