Shameka Jones, MD


As a board-certified Family Medicine physician deeply rooted in Georgia, I’ve served diverse families across the state and beyond. Now, with STEM NG2, I’m excited to continue this service, leveraging my educational background—from a Bachelor’s in Nutrition Science at the University of Georgia to medical training at Ross University and residency at Mercer University. My husband, an Emergency Medicine physician, and I share a passion for STEM education, believing it’s the key to unlocking children’s potential. With over a decade of teaching and tutoring experience, our mission is to empower every child in our community to thrive academically and beyond.


Our journey with STEM education has been deeply personal. As parents to three wonderful children, we’ve seen firsthand how mastering STEM learning can open doors for students, including our own. It has enabled them to pursue their academic goals and life dreams with confidence. This personal experience fuels our commitment to ensuring all children, regardless of background, have equal opportunities to excel and achieve their educational aspirations.

Vincent Jones, MD


My educational path took me from Detroit Public Schools to Wayne State University and, ultimately, Ross University School of Medicine, where I met my lovely wife. After medical school, I completed my residency and fellowship training in family medicine and emergency medicine and am board certified in both specialties.

I am passionate about educating and inspiring the next generation. I firmly believe that mathematics is a universal language that, once mastered, allows people to excel in school and in life. However, mathematics and other STEM-based learning are often challenging for students. Our mission here at STEM NG2 is to help every student overcome these challenges so they can confidently pursue their goals.

Ahmad Flournoy, M.S.

Master of Science in Mathematics

Center Director

I am proud to have earned my bachelor’s and master’s of science degrees in mathematics from Clark Atlanta University. I chose to teach mathematics there for several years before becoming a mathematics specialist in Atlanta Public Schools and the DeKalb County School District.

I am passionate about helping young minds discover a love for learning and excel in mathematics. I believe that every student can master math skills and other STEM subjects when offered the proper support. Here at STEM NG2, our mission is to help all students succeed.

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