Community Outreach

At STEM NG2 , our mission is to ensure every child has the opportunity to succeed in every subject. For this reason, we supplement our in-house tutoring with additional educational and informational events. That way, students from every background can participate in our learning community. Our events also help connect parents with our tutors. Parents have the opportunity to ask additional questions and learn more about the educational process.

Educational Events

While most of the work STEM NG2 tutors focus on is in-house academic support, we also enjoy hosting fun, educational events. Doing so helps us better connect with our students and their parents and guardians. Some of what we offer includes specialized extracurricular learning activities, open houses, and other community events. These events are designed to highlight the fact that learning is fun. We develop age-appropriate activities for the kids and informational events for their families. Keep an eye on our events calendar so you can join us at our upcoming programs!

Come meet our team!

STEM NG2 tutors are committed to helping students achieve academic excellence through dedicated and targeted support. Our programs are widely available and affordable so children from every background can get the support they need. We believe family support is vital to academic success, so we encourage parents to meet our team to learn more about our process and who we are.