Why choose our tutoring services?

Joy in Learning: We emphasize the importance of discovering the joy in learning for every student.

Critical Tutoring Phase: Highlighting the significance of tutoring from 3rd to 8th grade for filling gaps, establishing a robust foundation, and offering personalized academic support.

Bridging Gaps:  Tutoring supplements traditional classroom learning to fill gaps and solidify comprehension.

Individualized Support:  We provide personalized, one-on-one assistance to ensure thorough understanding and progress for each student by STEM NG2 tutors.

What Makes STEM NG2 Different?

Inclusive Support: Passionate about supporting students from diverse backgrounds, ensuring affordability for those from low-income households.

In-House Sessions: Providing math and reading tutoring in a comfortable, stress-free setting to enhance learning experiences.

Comfort and Confidence: Recognizing that comfortable environments foster better learning, deeper knowledge, and increased self-confidence in students.

Experienced Tutors: Committed, extensively experienced tutors dedicated to fostering academic excellence and a love for learning.

Targeted Grades: Currently serving children from 3rd to 8th grade levels.


Virtual Options catered to you!

STEM NG2 extends its commitment to comprehensive student support by offering virtual tutoring services. We are dedicated to ensuring equitable access to educational assistance, regardless of background or location. Our virtual math and reading tutoring sessions retain the same affordability, quality, and passion for learning as our in-house offerings. Through online engagement, we create a comfortable and adaptable learning environment, fostering better understanding, increased self-assurance, and academic success. Experienced tutors remain devoted to helping students excel and cultivate a genuine love for learning. These virtual sessions are available to students ranging from 3rd to 8th grade, further expanding our reach and impact.

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Curriculum Development Company


With over 30 years of experience serving the STEM educational community, BF Consultants specializes in various areas including curriculum development, research evaluation, and professional development. Their expertise spans science, mathematics, and computer science, with a history of successful partnerships with numerous educational and industry entities. As a result, STEM NG2 chose BF Consultants to develop their STEM Power curriculum based on this extensive knowledge and evidence-based approach.

Benefits of our curriculum

1. Aligned with Educational Standards: Tailored to meet Georgia’s educational standards.

2. Personalized Learning Strategies: Customized plans based on initial Math/Reading assessments.

3. Progress Monitoring: Monthly reports to track student development.

4. Teacher Collaboration: Engaging communication with educators for optimal support.

5. STEM Enrichment: Integration of STEM activities to enhance learning experiences.

6. Additional Home Resources: Supplementary materials for at-home practice.

7. Confidence Enhancement: Focused efforts to boost confidence in Math and Reading skills.