Reading opens new worlds to explore!

STEM NG2 Approach: Aiming to transform this dynamic by demonstrating that reading can be enjoyable.

Customized Instruction: Providing tailored guidance to each child based on their specific reading level.

Fostering a Love for Reading: Dedicated to nurturing a lifelong passion for reading through personalized instruction.

STEM NG2 Reading


STEM NG2 offeres in-house reading and writing services, catering to students in grades 3rd to 8th.

Importance of Skills: We recognize the critical significance of mastering reading and writing skills during these academic years.

Accessibility and Affordability: We ensure affordability and widespread availability of programs to support middle-to-lower-income families.

Customized Learning Plans: We collaborate closely with students to create personalized learning strategies addressing individual needs.

Comprehensive Benefits: We target specific needs leading to improved comprehension, enhanced confidence, and broader life skill development.

Expertly crafted curriculum

Students working with STEM NG2 deserve the best. That is why we ensure all curriculum is based of the Georgia Standards, and is expertly crafted by our skilled and highly experienced curriculum developer. You can trust us to build a solid foundation of reading and writing skills that will help your child progress. Join our community today and watch your student thrive!

Why Reading is important for stem

Students must adeptly comprehend diverse texts, spanning from brief articles to lengthy academic papers, to grasp intricate STEM concepts. In this precision-demanding field, reading skills are pivotal due to the prevalence of exact formulas and unambiguous instructions. Clarity is indispensable in STEM education and careers, where intricate systems and experiments necessitate clear communication. Read more below from the University of San Diego about the link between reading and STEM.

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We offer customized reading and writing instruction for students from 3rd-8th grade.

Our Age Groups

Students develop a solid understanding of critical math and science skills.