Helping Students in 3rd – 8th Grade


STEM NG2 dedicates itself to offering in-house math and reading tutoring services for students from 3rd to 8th grade.

We believe in providing personalized attention and customized curricula tailored to each student’s educational stage.

Our experienced tutors employ age-appropriate teaching methods and personalized approaches for the best learning outcomes.

Whether your child is in 3rd or 8th grade, we are committed to supporting their academic excellence and maximizing their potential.

Who We Serve

At STEM NG2, we understand the financial barrier many tutoring programs pose, especially for students from low-income households.

Every child deserves academic support, which is why our in-house math and reading programs are both affordable and easily accessible.

We prioritize inclusivity, ensuring no child misses the help they need by providing widely available, affordable programs.

Creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable learning environment is our focus to make learning a fun experience.

Our tailored tutoring programs cater specifically to students in grades 3rd through 8th, ensuring accessibility for all financial backgrounds.

Age-appropriate support

Education between 3rd through 8th grade holds immense importance as it forms a critical period of academic and personal development. During these formative years, students build the foundational skills and knowledge that serve as building blocks for future learning. The curriculum in these grades becomes more complex, encompassing a wide range of subjects and disciplines. That’s why the STEM NG2 team ensures our tutors work with students on age-appropriate material curated to their unique needs. When students are equipped with the right tools for success, they can make their dreams come true!

Curriculum Development Company


With over 30 years of experience serving the STEM educational community, BF Consultants specializes in various areas including curriculum development, research evaluation, and professional development. Their expertise spans science, mathematics, and computer science, with a history of successful partnerships with numerous educational and industry entities. As a result, STEM NG2 chose BF Consultants to develop their STEM Power curriculum based on this extensive knowledge and evidence-based approach.

Benefits of our curriculum

1. Aligned with Educational Standards: Tailored to meet Georgia’s educational standards.

2. Personalized Learning Strategies: Customized plans based on initial Math/Reading assessments.

3. Progress Monitoring: Monthly reports to track student development.

4. Teacher Collaboration: Engaging communication with educators for optimal support.

5. STEM Enrichment: Integration of STEM activities to enhance learning experiences.

6. Additional Home Resources: Supplementary materials for at-home practice.

7. Confidence Enhancement: Focused efforts to boost confidence in Math and Reading skills.




We provide individualized reading instruction at the appropriate grade level to best support our students.


Students develop a strong core foundation in math to help them progress to the next level.