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At STEM NG2, we strive to develop a large, passionate community of individuals and families focused on helping students pursue academic excellence. Students need and deserve a cheering section behind them, so they can confidently focus on reaching their learning goals. The STEM NGteam invites all parents and guardians to explore our unique programs and see which is right for their child.

Why Stem NG2?

With so many tutoring services out there, why should you consider joining STEM NG2? The answer to that question is that we believe in doing things differently. Tutoring can get expensive, putting it out of reach for many families. That does a disservice to many students who need academic support. So STEM NG2 provides affordable tutoring services for students of all backgrounds and families of all income levels. We offer customized math and reading tutoring in a relaxed environment, where students can feel comfortable and better focus on their work.

Homework Help for High School Students

At STEM NG2, we believe every student deserves a chance to succeed. Sometimes, all they need to get over the finish line is a little extra help with tough homework assignments. That is why we offer a homework help program to high school students in 9th-12th grade.

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If you want to get your child the tutoring support they need, consider joining the STEM NG2 community. We would love to help your child pursue their own unique journey to academic success! Sign up for our math and/or reading tutoring services today by simply selecting a membership above. Feel free to reach out to our team with any questions you may have!